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U.S. Government Outsourcing of IT Stirs Debate

Modern Public Relations

The Real Meaning of Motivation

Marketing Communications

Modern Advertising Methods Combine Traditional & Technological Methods

International Business Requires Understanding Cultural And Managerial Differences

Industrial Relations Defines Many Issues Between Management And Workers

Services Marketing Delivers Intangibles Instead of Products

International Human Resource Management

Business plans chart important thinking for both management and potential investors

In Business, a Competitive Advantage Requires Differentiation

Service Quality Comes From Many Sources Within A Business

Change Management

Customer satisfaction is a basic requirement for business success

Lifelong choices require career management and planning

A birds eye view into discrimination

Employee Selection Is The Key To A Successful Business Organisation

Environment and Sustainable Development

E-Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Who are Stakeholders and what is their role?

E-Tailing - Online Retailing

Foreign Market Entry


Small and Medium Businesses

International Human Resource Management is an important function in multinational organisations

Scientific Management

Strategic Management

Operations Management

Travel And Tourism Marketing Is Highly Competitive

Tourism Management Opens A World Of Career Opportunities

Internet Advertising Uses Effective, Non-Traditional Techniques

Employee training and development

Flexible Employment

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Work-Life Balance

International and global marketing

International product launch

Relationship marketing

Mergers and Acquisitions

Regulations in the workplace

Reward Management

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