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Creating Brand Awareness through Effective Brand Names

Consumers Decision Making Preeminent Tool to Analyze Consumer Behaviour

Corporate governance and its development

Managing Cultural Diversity - A Key to Organizational Success

Globalization - Economic Dimension

Creating Competitive Edge through Continuous Innovation

Mergers and Acquisitions

Market Segmentation - Effective Tool to Capture Opportunity and Edge

Analysis of Modern Portfolio Theory

Reducing Workplace Bad Stress - An Imperative Managers Role

Ensuring Effective Teamwork in Organization

Developmental and Child Psychology

Rise of Entrepreneurship

Healthy Living, Fitness and Nutrition - The Role of Diet in Health and Fitness

Role of Multinational Corporations in the modern world

Merger of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and National Westminster Bank

Efficient Market Hypothesis: Myth of Reality?

New Media and Online Marketing - Strategies, Advantages and Disadvantages

Business Ethics and Unethical Practices

E-banking - Online Banking and its role in todays society

Changing role of Nurse

Organizational Change: Mission Impossible?

Testing the effectiveness of Performance Appraisals

Recruitment as the most important aspect of Human Resource Management

Research in Social Sciences: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Social Psychology: The Psychological Explanations of Social Phenomena

Strategic Change in the contemporary business world

Evolution of corporate culture, how important is it in todays world?

Customer Loyalty, is it really important?

E-Business, success of failure?

How important is Knowledge Management for businesses?

The Meaning and Importance of Corporate Strategy

How effective can Financial Performance Analysis be?

Project Management: Effectiveness and Assessment

Hospitality Marketing: A Remedy to Problems of Hospitality Industry

Ensuring Effective Leadership Choice in Organization

Social Responsibility- A Definite Aspect of Corporate Image

Sustainable Tourism - A Prerequisite of Sustainable Development

E-tailing and opportunities it opens to businesses

The essence of Kaizen and its role in operations

Everything you wanted to know about Capital Markets

Risk and Return. The double-edged sword of successful investing

Methods of Capital Investment appraisals

Understanding Time Value of Money in Investment appraisals


Understanding the Cost of Capital

The Importance of Dividend Policy

All about Mergers and Acquisitions

Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions

The Relevance of Corporate Governance to Public Trust

Portfolio management: get rich quick and responsibly!

Market efficiency: know where youre headed and why

The Deal on Financial Derivatives

Pinning Up the Stock Exchange

Financial Crisis

Bank Management in Modern Environment

Financial Management

Online banking; the Future of Banking

Need for Financial Accounting in a Business Entity

The Concept of Managerial Accounting

The Tenets of Capital Structuring

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