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There is no doubt that when assessing an essay or dissertation content of the work plays the most important role. However correct presentation of your work can give you 10-20% extra marks, whereas incorrect one can result in failure of your assignment. On this page you will find several crucial student tricks on how to get good marks for an essay, coursework and dissertation. Special Thanks to Zhanna for the help in preparation of this section.

Make sure it will be easy for the tutor to read your work, because if tutor finds it difficult he or she is likely to be annoyed, which can, and often results in the lower mark.

  1. Use Times New Roman 12 Font and at least 1.5 paragraph spacing.
  2. Avoid having too much (especially not very relevant) charts, pictures and graphs they disrupt readers attention
  3. Use simple format, without frames, corners and other graphical elements.
  4. Do not put your essays in plastic folders. It is much better to staple it and place it in simple file: this seriously simplifies the process of reading and marking
  5. In case of long reports and dissertations it is good to start each section from the new page, however when writing an essay dont. Make sure your headings will be visible, but not too large.
  6. Instead of having long paragraphs it is better to have large number of small ones: Your tutor will then make more ticks and you will receive higher mark. Moreover, it is better to leave some space between paragraphs
  7. Put page numbers in the middle of the page on the bottom.
  8. When answering the question try to use the words your tutor uses this can significantly improve his or her relationship to you and to your work in particular.

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