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Firstly, choose the main factor from those outlined above, for example, relevance to future career is seen as particularly important. You might want to work as human resource manager and consider making human resource management as your area. Obviously, you need to narrow down as much as you can. For instance: 

      Human resource management where? public services in UK

      Which public service? the NHS;

      Which part of NHS? acute hospitals

Your efforts should be designed to move you from area in very general terms to defining it much more narrowly


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Examples of 1st class dissertations:


C/HR/797. Dissertation. Impact of training on employee performance in Hilton

C/HR/788. Dissertation. Impact of Pay and Reward on Industrial Action at Royal Mail

C/HR/787. Dissertation. HRM issues faced by multinational enterprises in managing Nigerian employees: case study of Ericsson NIGERIA

C/HR/786. Dissertation. What should employers know about managing Hong Kong Generation Y Employees?

S/EI/72. Dissertation. Web-based Job Exchange System for Service Providers of Multiple Communities

C/HR/777. Dissertation: Security surveillance and Organisational commitment: a study of UK employees

S/HR/310. Dissertation. National Bank of Kuwait: Future HR Challenges and the Ways to Meet them

S/HR/307. Dissertation. Digital Social Networks for HR Recruitment

C/HR/745. Dissertation. An analysis of absenteeism in the UAE

C/HR/744. Dissertation. Communication challenges arising from off shoring to India. GSK case study.

S/HR/305. Dissertation. The significance of HRM and its practices within an organization

C/HR/730. Dissertation. Should a firm define and announce a succession plan? The impact on career development, employee motivation and organisational commitment

C/HR/723. Dissertation. Ageism in UK Hospitality Industry

C/HR/713. Dissertation. Impact of Internet on Recruitment and Selection

S/HR/300. Dissertation. Customer service improvement through incentive schemes at Sainsbury's

C/HR/704. Dissertation. Employee retention: case study of Sainsbury's

S/M/549. Dissertation. Effects of diversity on team performance in Greek professional Superleague

C/HR/694. Dissertation. Significance of group dynamics in diverse project team and its effect on managerial leadership

C/HR/680. Dissertation. Labour turnover, motivation and psychological contract: theory and case study of Knowledge Horizon

C/HR/667. Dissertation. Employee motivation and performance productivity : Case Study UAE Construction Group HiTech

C/S/243. Dissertation. Challenges of Teamwork in Nursing: Care of the Aged in German Nursing Homes

C/HR/642. Dissertation. Effect of Long Working Hours on Employees in Security Industry

C/HR/624. Dissertation. Devolution of HR Functions to Line Management in Saudi Arabia and its Impact on Staff Motivation

S/HR/295. Dissertation. Role of performance management and appraisal in employee performance: case study of Lloyds TSB

C/OM/201. Dissertation. Innovation and HRM policies of Toyota

S/HR/287. Dissertation. Differences in employee recruitment and selection practices in Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse

C/HR/599. Dissertation. Why are there so few women in senior management roles?

C/HR/583. Dissertation. Impact of Employee Training Practices on Manufacturing SME Performance

C/HR/582. Dissertation. Role of HRM in meeting globalisation challenges: case study of Barclays' global strategy