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Nowadays Universities around the globe place more and more emphasis on the written essays, courseworks and reports. The reason for that is because written assignments enable students to understand the subject matter and be able to apply theory onto practice. Students, successful in their assignments have competitive advantage over those who are not. Moreover in recent years more emphasis has been placed on reflective reports, literature reviews, posters and presentations, which demand from student not only excellent written work, but reflection and presentation skills, which would be so important for the graduate once they finish their studies. Ability to write good essays and courseworks enable students to receive higher marks and get good jobs after the graduation.

This web site was developed to help you with your University essays, courseworks, assignments and dissertations. I have collected several essential tips on how to write your essay, coursework, and dissertation and to generally help you with your studies. Some of the sources I use are mine some are cited from several UK Universities and are being properly acknowledged. Apart from that I have placed the very good marketing communications plan, which you can use as an example.  Lastly, this section contains number of academic journal article databases and market reports databases, where you can drawn the information for your assignments from. Please feel free to browse the links on the left and good luck with your studies.

On this web site you will learn how to write Marketing Essays, Management Essays, Business Essays, HRM (Human Resource Management) Essays, Operations Essays, Service Marketing Essays, Finance Essays, Accounting Essays, Economics Essays, Politics Essays, Science essays and many other types of essays.

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