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Choosing Topic is the VITAL task

Before starting the research you should have at least some idea of what you want to do. This is the most difficult and the most vital part of your dissertation

Your main resource in choosing a topic is a supervisory pool.

When you think about a topic you have to consider the following 4 parts:

  1. Area or areas
  2. Issues/ arguments
  3. How? (Methodology)
  4. Literature or literatures

All the above parts may be shaped by the following factors:

      Existing Literature

      Past Study


      Relevance to future career

      Will it sustain your interest?

      Feasibility of methodology

      Ease of data gathering



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Examples of 1st class dissertations:


C/M/1677. Dissertation. Effects of recession on consumer behaviour towards supermarkets' own brands

C/F/903. Dissertation. Importance of Marketing in Financial Services

C/T/146. Dissertation. Sustainable Development in Grange Hotel Group

C/M/1651. Dissertation. Changes in Advertising Trends during Economic Recession

C/M/1637. Dissertation. Consumer Involvement in New Product Development in Personal Care Industry

C/M/1635. Dissertation. Marketing Research Approaches Used by TK Maxx

C/M/1633. Dissertation. Consumer behaviour in retail banking: how University students choose their banks

C/M/1632. Dissertation. Impact of Congestion Charge on Service Quality of Bus Transport in London

C/M/1616. Dissertation. Current Customer Behaviour in UK Retail Automotive Sector

C/M/1615. Dissertation. Consumer behaviour towards online purchasing in UK

S/EI/71. Dissertation. Does Trust of Web Merchants Influence Adoption of Electronic Commerce by Consumers?

C/M/1557. Dissertation. Marketing practices of private colleges in Greece

C/M/1554. Dissertation. Family branding versus individual branding

C/M/1553. Dissertation. An analysis of brand, celebrity and consumer behaviour: a case study of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson and customers in Nigeria

C/M/1509. Dissertation. Consumer perceptions of corporate social responsibility in fast food industry

C/M/1476. Dissertation. Pricing Strategies in Current and Discounted Business Environment: Case Study of UK Apparel Industry

C/M/1444. Dissertation. Rising use of Internet and its impact on UK marketing industry

S/M/543. Dissertation. Hagen-Dazs: Launch of Organic and Fairtrade Ice Cream to Regain the Lead in UK Luxury/Premium Ice Cream Market

C/M/1429. Dissertation. Marketing Strategy of Google in India

C/M/1382. Dissertation. UK Consumer Attitudes towards Brand and Price in Car Purchase during Recession

C/B/2232. Dissertation. Market opportunities for Sprint Nextel in Nigeria

C/M/1353. Dissertation. How did Credit Crunch Affect Consumer Behaviour in UK?

C/M/1334. Dissertation. How negative attitudes towards brand influence buyers' behaviour

C/M/1327. Dissertation. Impact of Tesco Clubcard on Customer Loyalty: Multi-Category Perspective

C/M/1320. Dissertation. Role of motivation theory in predicting and guiding consumer behaviour: case study of HSBC in Greece

C/M/1302. Dissertation. Consumer attitudes towards shopping banners

C/M/1301. Dissertation. Performance of Chinese self-owned brands and their role in China's economic development

C/M/1291. Dissertation. Family versus Individual Branding Strategies: Stakeholder's Perspective

S/M/523. Dissertation. Fast food TV advertising to children in China

C/EI/98. Dissertation. Factors affecting students' satisfaction and loyalty in online book purchases

C/M/1276. Dissertation. Influence of Marketing on Brand Perception: Case Study of Vodafone

C/T/110. Dissertation. Measuring Guest Satisfaction in Turkish Luxury Hotels

C/S/200. Dissertation. Influence of national culture on Chinese students' choice to get higher education in UK

C/M/1273. Dissertation. Country-of-Origin Effect on Consumer Attitudes towards Luxury Brands

S/M/503. Dissertation. Customer Service in Barclays

C/M/1271. Dissertation. Impact of Servicescape on Customer Buying Behaviour: Case Study of Laptop Market

C/B/2072. Dissertation + Proposal. Impact of electronic marketing on management practices in small and medium-sized businesses

C/M/1266. Dissertation. Impact of the Tesco Clubcard on Customer Loyalty: Multi-Category Perspective