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There are different types of research philosophy, research approach and research strategies. In order to choose the most appropriate one you have to firstly set the aims and objectives of your research/study. Basing on outlined aims and objectives you have to decide whether you choose:

       Positivism or phenomenology as a philosophy of the research;

       Deductive approach or inductive approach, or combinations of these approaches;

       Experiment, or survey, or case study, or grounded theory, or ethnography, or action research as the research strategy. Again you can choose a combination of different strategies

Moreover, research projects may be:

v      cross-sectional

v      or longitudinal.

Additionally, they may be classed as



         or explanatory


Please refer for the full explanations of research philosophy, research strategies, and approaches to Saunders, et al (2000) Research Methods for Business Students, 2nd Edition, Financial Times Prentice Hall, London, pp. 84-105


You should care to ensure that your results are valid and reliable

You should always think carefully about the ethical issues implied by the choice of your research strategy


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Examples of 1st class dissertations:


C/B/3053. Dissertation. Evaluation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices: Case study Sainsbury's and LIDL

C/B/3037. Dissertation. Impact of Private Equity on Family Businesses during Recession

C/B/2984. Dissertation. Supply push and demand pull as factors behind designing information systems: case study of NHS

C/B/2945. Dissertation. Role of Business Planning in Overall Business Success

C/E/585. Dissertation. Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Economies of Developed Countries: Case Study of UK

C/B/2942. Dissertation. Impact of WTO membership on large and small firms in agro-processing industry of South Africa

C/B/2939. Dissertation. How can easyJet continue to maintain its profitability and market share in low cost airline sector?

C/B/2869. Dissertation. Financial costs and benefits of implementing ERP systems

S/B/579. Dissertation. Effectiveness of Royal Dutch Shell reporting on management of corporate social responsibility

C/M/1555. Dissertation. Evaluation of the service quality of UK telephone service providers based on SERVPERF ratings

C/B/3053. Dissertation. Evaluation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices: Case study Sainsbury's and LIDL

C/B/2648. Dissertation. Use of RFID Technology in Reverse Logistics: Case Study of Xerox Corporation

C/B/2613. Dissertation. A Comparative analysis of pricing strategies in current and discounted business environment: UK apparel industry. Case study of Zara and Marks and Spencer

C/M/1509. Dissertation. Consumer perceptions of corporate social responsibility in fast food industry

C/B/2611. Dissertation. Use of effective communication in managing mergers and acquisitions

C/B/2610. Dissertation. Information Systems for Better Postal Service in Angola

C/B/2601. Dissertation. Role of international law in combating corruption: case study of UK

S/EC/95. Dissertation. Role of international e-learning programme between UK business schools and international partners

S/B/559. Dissertation. British Airways: Business strategy

C/B/2406. Dissertation. Why Does it Make Sense for Law Firms to Outsource?

S/B/548. Dissertation. Strategies for Survival of SME in Housing Development Industry

C/E/448. Dissertation. Export barriers for SME in Moroccan citrus industry

S/B/545. Dissertation. Peculiarities of utilising management information systems by organisations