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Some tips to survive your dissertation: some predictable crisis
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Some tips to survive your dissertation: some predictable crisis
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Some tips to survive your dissertation: some predictable crisis (Adapted from Hodgson & Rollnick (1989))

*       Getting started will take twice as long as the data collection

*       The amount of relevant data available will be one-tenth of your estimate

*       Completion of the dissertation will take twice as long as your last estimate and three times as long as your first estimate

*       A dissertation will change twice in the middle

*       The help provided by people other than yourself, the coordinator of this unit, and, in time, your supervisor has a half-life of two weeks

*       The effort of writing-up is an exponential function of the time since the data were collected, i.e. do not dilly-dally!

*       At the finish you will have regrets


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Examples of 1st class dissertations:

C/B/3036. Dissertation. Success Factors of European Medium-Sized Organisations in China

C/HR/744. Dissertation. Communication challenges arising from off shoring to India. GSK case study.

C/B/2113. Dissertation. Telecommunications Market in Saudi Arabia: Case study of Saudi Telecom Company

C/HR/582. Dissertation. Role of HRM in meeting globalisation challenges: case study of Barclays' global strategy

C/B/2089. Dissertation. Third Party Ownership: Case Study of Traffic Sports in Brazil

C/B/2075. Dissertation. Strategic Management in Energy Industry during Global Financial Crisis: Case Study of Yemen LNG

C/B/2073. Master's Dissertation. State shipping policy and shipping industry of Greece: case study of coastal shipping companies

C/B/1869. Dissertation. Strategic options for Singaporean FSPO organisations in conditions of recession

C/B/1782. Dissertation. Carrefour and Wal-Mart in China

C/B/1750. Dissertation. How can organisations manage cross-cultural values to benefit their business?

S/B/506. Dissertation. Nokia: Gaining Global Leadership in International Mobile Phone Market

C/T/146. Dissertation. Sustainable Development in Grange Hotel Group

C/HR/796. Dissertation + Proposal. Impact of training on employee performance in Hilton

C/B/2875. Dissertation. An analysis of the UK Marquee sector: case study of Garden City Marquees

C/M/1553. Dissertation. An analysis of brand, celebrity and consumer behaviour: a case study of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson and customers in Nigeria

S/T/73. Dissertation. Managing hotel occupancy in times of economic and financial crisis: region Bulgaria

C/HR/723. Dissertation. Ageism in UK Hospitality Industry

C/T/126. Dissertation. Cross-cultural project management: tourism projects for UK tourists in Thailand

C/T/110. Dissertation. Measuring Guest Satisfaction in Turkish Luxury Hotels

S/T/66. Dissertation. Fascination with Death and Atrocity: Demand for Dark Tourism

S/T/65. Dissertation. Altruism or Self-Interest: What are the Motives of Volunteer Tourists

C/T/93. Dissertation. Umbrella Branding for Turkey

C/M/1039. Dissertation. Evaluation of Economic Benefits of Cruise Tourism for London