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Have a look at these Top Quality Dissertations


E/F/70. Master Dissertation. Plastic Card Fraud in the UK Market Place

P/F/510. Dissertation. Portfolio risk assessment and asset returns analysis

P/B/737. Dissertation. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): current financial position and strategic options

P/F/338. Dissertation. Theory and practices of share repurchasing

P/F/316. Dissertation. Football clubs in UK and Europe: capital structure

P/F/306. Bachelor Dissertation. Analysing capital markets: CAPM and 3FM models

P/F/265. Dissertation. Pension-related legislation in the UK

P/F/260. Dissertation. Leverage Buy-Out: The case of French Companies

P/F/254. Dissertation. Market capitalisation

P/F/225 Dissertation. CAPM: Validity Examination with Reference to Recent Academic Literature

P/F/214. Masters Dissertation. United Kingdom Capital Budgeting Practices

P/F/168. Master's Dissertation. UK Apparel Industry Analysis for Investment Purposes

S/F/17. Performance Persistence of Russian Equity Unit Trusts

S/F/12. Dissertation. The Influence of the Asset Valuation Methodologies on Investment Decision - Making in Energy and Utilities Industry

P/F/112. Dissertation. Food Industry: Stakeholders' Perception of Risk

P/F/63. Dissertation: Analysis of exchange rate regimes: fixed or flexible?

P/F/64. Dissertation: Prediction of company failure using financial and non-financial information

P/B/57. Dissertation. Strategies of the Equal Opportunities and Age Diversity Management: Case of the Banking and Telecommunication Industries

P/F/68. Dissertations. Going Public: the case of Football Clubs

P/F/74. Comparison of Two Different Types of Valuation

P/F/85. Dissertation. Is Compensation Cost the Motivation of Earning Management?

P/F/522. Dissertation. Relationship between P/E ratios and common stocks’ investment performance

P/B/871. Dissertation. Drivers of mergers and acquisitions in financial services industry

P/F/404. Dissertation. International merger in Chinese banking market: Shenzhen Development Bank and Newbridge Capital

P/B/527. Dissertation. Post-merger integration in IT industry

P/F/350. Dissertation. Mergers and acquisitions: theoretical background

P/F/330. Dissertation. Mergers and acquisitions in banking sector: success and failure factors

P/F/285. Dissertation: Merger of Dacor Corporation by Head NV

P/F/276. Masters Dissertation. Mergers and Acquisitions in UK Banking Industry: Performance Analysis.

C/F/88. Dissertation Proposal. "The clinical study of the merger of National Westminster Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland"

S/F/32. Dissertation. Mergers and Acquisitions in Bank Holding Companies: Shareholder Value Creation and the Importance of Organizational Fit

P/F/227. Dissertation. Successful Acquisitions: What is Behind Them? The case study of the acquisition of Evelyn hospital by Nuffield hospital group in 2002

P/F/224. Dissertation. GlaxoSmithKlines merger: economic benefit and value to a final company?

P/F/192. Dissertation. Influence of Takeover on Top Managers' Turnover: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies Between 2001-2003 years

P/F/190. Master's Dissertation. SmithKline Beecham PLC and Glaxo Wellcome PLC: The Effect of a Merger Announcement on Glaxo Wellcome PLC's stock return

C/F/46. What is the resulting outcome of an M&A Deal Announcement Shock on the Share Price Performance? The modern evidence of the UK financial markets data in a short-medium term window.

C/F/46P. Project proposal. What is the resulting outcome of an M&A Deal Announcement Shock on the Share Price Performance? The modern evidence of the UK financial markets data in a short-medium term window.

P/F/125. Master's Dissertation. UK Banks' Merger: Evidence from 1995-2001 Period

P/F/73. Synergy from the Mergers and Acquisitions: cases of two real mergers (Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest; Barclays Bank and the Woolwich)


S/F/75. Dissertation. How is the introduction of Internet banking changing the need for high street banks? Focusing on Barclays Bank PLC

S/F/94. Dissertation. What did cause the amount of NPL (Non-performing Loan) rising in China during the year 1985-2000?

P/F/447. Dissertation. Volatility spillover within EU banking sector

E/F/33. Dissertation. Challenges and opportunities of E-banking in Jordan

E/F/28. Dissertation. Comparative Performance Analysis of Leading Malaysian Banks

C/F/113. PhD. Proposal: Impact of Longevity of Customer Relationship on the Profitability of Banks in Saudi Arabia

P/F/348. Dissertation. Chinese banking efficiency

P/M/436. Dissertation. Team dynamics in Apollo companies

P/F/315. Dissertation. Capital markets and banking industry

P/F/302. Master Dissertation. Islamic Banking

C/B/93. Dissertation. Will online business replace the traditional business in the banking industry in UK?

P/F/174. Dissertation. Adoption of Online Banking

C/F/42. Dissertation. Russia's Accession to the WTO and Likely Effects on the Russian Banking Sector

C/F/43. Master's Dissertation. Valuation of Post-Privatisation Performance of Kazakhstan Banking Sector: Economic Value Added

P/F/452. Dissertation. Development of financial reporting: theory and analysis of FTSE 100 annual reports

P/F/383. Dissertation. How did corporate dividend policy respond to abolition of advance corporation tax in UK?

P/F/349. Dissertation. Accounting numbers in evaluating business: equity valuation

P/F/251. Financial Reporting in Telecommunications Industry

P/F/189. Dissertation. Impact of Language and Culture differences on International FRS Interpretation