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New Media and Online Marketing - Strategies, Advantages and Disadvantages

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The advent of the New Media and Internet have increased possibilities of online marketing and internet retailing with new features of interactive shopping, pod casting and e-marketing. Consumers are connected to online shopping sites with WiFi, Internet or 3G mobile phones. E commerce has taken a new dimension in retailing with increasing number of people shopping online and even making flight bookings online (, 2006).


One such example is the traffic on the British Airways website. A comparative analysis of popular travel related websites and online ticketing facilities give us details on transaction costs, and individual and company perceptions on e commerce facilities for ticketing and travel. Internet marketing however meets with major challenges of keeping pace with consumer demands and developing relationship marketing to maintain consumer loyalty (Enzmann and Schneider, 2005). The advantages and disadvantages of internet retailing could be studied in contrast to traditional marketing considering issues related to online branding, consumer loyalty, spam, and advertising strategies.


The challenges of online marketing could be studied with the same models used for general marketing management such as 4Ps or 7Ps models and trends in internet marketing and transactions can also be studied (, 2006). Online pricing remains one of the major challenges and so is the prospect of virtual interactions with customers as opposed to face to face interactions in a traditional market. Issues of security and privacy are important in e marketing and shopping through secured sites is one of the major concerns of consumers (Enzmann and Schneider, 2005). Direct email marketing of goods and services has led to debates on spam and the need for strict legislation on email marketing.


Online marketing seems to have completely revolutionized marketing techniques although it has limitations on usage, privacy issues and security. The different traditional and non traditional advertising media such as newspapers, television, magazines, newsletters, direct mail, telephone, and internet may have to be compared more thoroughly and extensively to understand whether in the future online marketing would replace traditional marketing completely. Apart from ease and convenience of internet marketing, one major advantage of internet marketing is customization or personalization of products and services to suit the needs and tastes of individual customers (Ho, 2006).


Tailored products or services may not have been a very wide option in traditional shopping which shows that interactive shopping has moved a step closer to the needs of the consumer and has improved the shopping experience in general. Online branding has made local consumer goods popular in global markets (Ibeh et al, 2005). The concept of relationship marketing is an important strategy for the new media and is an important tool within the contemporary marketing environment in all spheres of business, from financial services to electronics products. Online marketing has been used by banks and supermarkets and charities like Oxfam suggesting the rapid change in marketing methods used by a wide variety of organizations and show the wide acceptability of online retailing and marketing in changing business environments. 




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